Why Volunteer?

When do I have time to volunteer, you ask yourself? I am too busy being a parent. Volunteering is important for all of us. Volunteering at your child's school may be one of the most important, life- altering things that you can do for your child. Why you ask? Because it sends a very clear message to them (and other students for that matter) that you are devoting your most precious commodity- yourself- to something that's important to you- their education. It shows them you support them and their teachers. And lets them know that what they do matters to you.

We need your helping hands and smiling faces at our school to help lighten the load for our staff giving them more time in the classroom. 

The number one reason people don't volunteer is because they say they were never asked to help. Well, we are asking for you to be involved. Your time and knowledge is needed and wanted by our staff and students. The diversity of our community and the experiences you can share with our students is valuable to us. Whethere it is a little time or a lot of time at school or at home- mom, dad or grandparent-WE NEED YOU!! We could not do it without each of you!


Support your school by volunteering!  Don't worry, we need all kinds of help, and no effort is too small.  You can choose to help out an hour here or there, hit the pavement and help fundraise, or decide to chair a committee and be responsible for all aspects of a sub-program for the school year.

You can volunteer many ways at Brambleton Middle School:

  • Parent Volunteers - assist teachers & staff in school with various administrative tasks
  • Event Volunteers - we always need extra hands to help execute our events (decorate, set up, take down, monitor events) to make sure things run smoothly 
  • Committee Chairs - typically run a sub-program (e.g., Teacher Appreciation, Tailgate, 8th Grade Committee)

CLICK HERE to see all Volunteer Opportunities for this year!

A Brambleton Middle School PTSA Volunteer is....

  • Friendly and courteous at all times.
  • Dependable and on time. If unable to attend, arrangements should be made ahead of time with the teacher or coordinator. In case of a last minute emergency, please contact the front office. 
  • Always works under the direction and supervision of a teacher and/or member of the school staff. The relationship between the volunteer and the teacher is a professional one- one of mutual respect and confidence.
  • Is expected to support the teacher and supplement the teachers needs. The teacher, not the volunteer, is responsible for content and techniques.
  • Knows that any information to which he/she has access to in the school or classroom is confidential.
  • Never expresses differences of opinion of dissatisfaction in the presence of students. 
  • Knows that personal reactions to a particular staff member or to a particular student should be confidential. 
  • Takes all suggestions or matters of concern to the PTSA president or principal. 
  • Works within the rules of the school as set out by the principal.
  • Has short, periodic planning periods with the teachers, either in person or on the telephone.
  • Remember the dress code. Volunteers set an example for the students, so it is important that you present yourself accordingly. As a general guideline, volunteers should follow the same dress code policy as the staff.

Importance of Signing In/Out
Each time you go into the school to volunteer, you must sign in, wear a name badge and sign out when you are finished. This requirement is necessary for the following reasons:

  • ​Safeguarding our students and maintaining security, which is of the utmost importance.
  • In case you receive an emergency telephone call, you can be found.
  • Individual volunteers will be recognized for their dedication and service to our school.
  • We would like the opportunity to thank you for your service.


What Volunteers Provide
  • Leadership and support
  • A commitment of time to the classroom
  • A positive attitude
  • Good role model for students
  • Quick and thorough work
  • Student assistance as directed by the teacher
  • Open and honest communication with the teacher
  • Punctuality
  • Notification in case of absence
  • Confidentiality 

Would you like to be a part of your child’s Middle School experience?

Are you interested in directly helping out at your child’s school?

Do you have limited availability to volunteer?

Then sign-up to be a part of our Parent Volunteer Program!

Our Parent Volunteer Program volunteers are parents, grandparents, and other adult role models who volunteer at school as their schedule permits.

Our Parent Volunteer Program volunteers assist the PTSA board and committee chairs as they host student and family events as well as events for teachers and staff and Brambleton Middle School.

If you are interested in being added to an email group please sign up below and we will contact you as the need arises. 

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Questions? Please contact Kelly Salins at secretary@bamptsa.org.

In order for the PTSA to support clubs at Brambleton Middle, the following requirements must be met.

  1. Each club must have a BAM staff sponsor.
  2. Every member of the club must be a current PTSA member.
  3. Funds are handled via the PTSA Treasurer and must follow the PTSA rules and procedures for fundraising and expense reimbursements. 
  4. Clubs are required to send a representative to each PTSA monthly meeting to report and update the board and members.
  5. Clubs must use PTSA website for sales (tickets, fundraising, etc.) and volunteer sign ups.


As a volunteer, you may be asked to fill out any of the following:    

PLEASE NOTE:  Expense reports should be submitted within 30 days of incurring expenses. Brambleton Middle School PTSA will not reimburse expenses submitted more than 45 days after they have been incurred. All expenses need to be submitted by June 30th.

Please be sure to put all receipts with the attached Expense Report form (linked above) in an envelope labeled "PTSA Treasurer" before placing in the PTSA mailbox (located in the front office mailroom) and notify the Treasurer that they are there for pick-up.  You can also e-mail a scanned copy of the receipts and reimbursement form for a quicker response. All Treasurer correspondence should be sent to treasurer@bamptsa.org.